The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is a complex domain which demands constant updating of knowledge and information be it a new compliance policy or the latest groundbreaking innovation of a new product/chemical/API, generics or formulations. Hence, there arises an immediate need to communicate these changes to the employees and ensure that they are trained on it. Traditional classroom lectures may not be that effective and there is a need for innovative training mechanisms such as using e-learning animations.

E-learning Animations in healthcare and pharma

The use of e-learning animations to effectively train the people who are both, directly and indirectly, related to the medical and pharma industry is technically called medical animation. According to Statistics MRC, the Global Medical Animation Market accounted for $130.47 million in 2016 and is expected to reach $421.11 million by 2023.

So why are e-learning animations the darling of the pharmaceutical industry and what are the benefits of using e-learning animations?

1.Reduce information overload

The specific target audience of the medical animation industry comprising of mostly field force, doctors, scientists, and other research analysts are too busy to sit down for a lengthy classroom discussion or lecture. By using e-learning animations, the organisation can cut short the lengthy learning topics to smaller units of learning content and ensure that there is no information overload popularly called as microlearning.

For example, to explain about the mechanism of action of Zika virus in the body, a stunning animated visual can explain the concept well under 5 minutes whereas a traditional form of learning would require the learner to read through the entire content which requires more time and can lead to information overload.

2.Simplifies complex topic

E-learning animations are ideal for explaining the complex nature of pharma and human body learning topics. For example, examining a new drug, its composition, effect etc is very difficult through a traditional training mechanism like classroom learning. But e-learning animation with the effective use of quality graphics can effectively narrate the entire process in an engaging way.

Let’s explore the other benefits of using e-learning animations in the various areas of the pharma and healthcare sector.

•Therapeutic Areas Covered:

• Cardiology

• Oncology

• Cosmeceuticals/Plastic Surgery

• Dental

• Other Therapeutic Areas

E-learning animations are widely used in therapeutic areas. For example, Cardiology is a major area where e-learning animations can be the best fit to educate and train the audience as the traditional learning strategies like classroom training is not simply the right strategy as

•Cardiology is a very complex process in the human body

•Making dummy human bodies that simulate the real cardio system is expensive and time-consuming as every learner need to wait for his/ her turn.

•No 3D view of the heart and system.

•The learner might require repeating the learning process to become an expert and for better retention of memory and recall.

•Represent the things as it happens in real.

By using e-learning animations, especially with the advancement of the 3D animations, the organization can easily overcome these challenges. The organization can also develop animated simulations for in-depth training where you can simulate a real human body and its functions. Sometimes you are required to show the things as it happens, and e-learning animations are the best way to represent them. For example, to explain the cardiovascular system comprising of the blood vessels and the heart, an animated video can take the learner through the complete process. Rather than referring to a simple static image, an animated video can depict the human body, the blood vessels and the animated process of blood flow.

3.Quick and effective training of operating medical devices

The medical devices of today have advanced functions and capabilities. Hence you require ensuring that the professionals are properly trained on it An on the job training is not a very ideal option as it can be time-consuming and a small mistake from the learner can cause even serious damage to the medical devices. Animations can be build as so real that it helps the organisation to simulate the real functioning of these medical devices and thus train the learners.

Following are the other benefits of using e-learning animations for training the learner on medical devices

•Quickly show how the device works

•An excellent tool for investor presentations and for the marketing and sales team where time is limited and stakes are high.

•Animation and the visual assets can replace the user manual to a big extent

•Increase the learner engagement and the learner can replay the content n number of times

4.Fun and engaging consumer education

By using e-learning animation, the pharma companies and other healthcare organizations are effectively able to develop animated consumer education videos. The power of e-learning animations to explain the complex concepts in a simple and easy way for the consumers makes e-learning animations a favorite of many organizations.

For example, on the topic of the importance of regular exercise, rather than allowing the customer to download a PDF document, the organisation can develop an amazing animated explainer video. The video can include the rich use of multimedia graphics, audio etc to make it visually appealing as well as to make it easy to understand for the consumer.

5.Enhanced retention of the learning topic

The sales team of a pharma sector no longer walks into a Doctor’s cabin with a big book to explain the drug mechanism nor the executive is required to memorize every process and procedure of various drugs. Instead, they are utilizing the benefits of new trends like using animated explainer videos to introduces the product and its details using high-quality multimedia.
It also benefits the sales team in term of quick learning through animated videos. For example, the sales executive can quickly refer to the animated product explainer video before knocking the door of a doctor or a medical store as it can help in building the confidence in them and act as a performance support tool. By using e-learning animations, the sales executive can easily swipe across the animated explainer videos that include high definition visuals to explain the mechanism and effects of the drugs in 3D animated graphics. The sales executive can easily share the file via email, or messenger apps like WhatsApp etc.

Other areas of the pharma-medical industry where e-learning animation can benefit the learners are the following –

•Cellular and molecular animation

•Emergency care instruction

•Forensic reconstruction

•Surgical training and planning

These are some of the popular benefits of using e-learning animations in the pharma and healthcare sector. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions using the comment box below