Why do you think animations are still one of the best corporate learning strategies?

‘The simple answer is that one can visualize the impossible, and breathe life into it through different ways to make it work’ and he continues….. It was once again our senior animator, who took the center stage during our regular knowledge sharing program at office….
Animations in a very short time have become a favorite corporate learning strategy. While we have seen the general benefits of using animations in e-learning, I am dedicating this blog to exclusively explore the benefits of using e-learning animations for sales training.

1.Increased learner engagement 

Sales teams of every organization are considered to be the most active bunch of people in the organization. Hence, a lengthy classroom training extending for hours is not an ideal learning strategy anymore as it can lead to disengagement.  With e-learning animations, the organisation can fix the disengagement among the target group of learners like

•Animations can use the power of visuals and multimedia to capture the attention of the learners. The visual appeal, the cool graphics, and animations give a different & engaging learning experience to the learners. For example, rather than reading and going through the lengthy product brochures, e-learning animations are pleasant getaways from such lengthy documents.

•Animations can use the storytelling approach of learning to keep the learner engaged. Announce a new product launch by developing a short animated video build on an engaging storyline.

•By using easy e-learning animations, an organisation can visualise and animate the real-life experiences that the learners are likely to face in the field.  For example, the organisation can simulate the client/salesperson interaction by including the right multimedia to train the learners on sales negotiation techniques etc. This can help the learners to better relate to the learning topic.

2.Improved recall and retention

A learning strategy is successful only when it can help the learners to retain the learning content for long and helps in the easy recall. Animations in e-learning are a powerful visual way to ensure that the learner stays engaged and hooked to the content. Learning is a process that takes time and repetition is required for the human brain to process the information and move information from short-term memory to long-term memory. And animations has all the ingredients included to make better retention and recall of the learning topics. For example, e-learning animations are able to explain the complex learning topic with the use of easy visuals and graphics.

•The chunking down of the lengthy content to smaller units of learning topic helps in easier digestion of the information.

•The organization can use the animated videos as reinforcement tools and the learner can revisit them at his/ her convenience.

All these helps in better retention and recall of the learning topic and studies show that animation can hold the attention of the learners and lead to better recall of the learning content. l

3.Enables just in time learning

The sales team of an organization are mostly on the field traveling from one client to another to achieve more business and sales. Hence it becomes impossible for learners to go through lengthy learning topics. But the learners benefit a great deal when they get information right at their fingertips and without having to search for it extensively. E-learning animations, when combined with microlearning, fulfills the same objective as the information is easily accessible when required. So Just in time learning suits them the most as they require information on the go and allows them to bridge performance gaps and solve work-related challenges.
For example, before knocking on the doors of a doctor, the medical sales representative can use his mobile device to access the explainer video or read through the animated infographics to quickly refresh his knowledge.

4.Simplifying complex process

E-learning animations are able to convey a complex topic easily. It is the power of engaging visuals and animations that contributes to making the learning process easy. For example, the use of e-learning animations would let people see how things work than taking forever to tell what happened through texts. To train the pharma sales executives to explain the functions and metabolism inside the human body, the organization can use 3D animated video that aids in easy visualization of the entire process.

5 Enhance product knowledge

An animated product video can be the perfect way to train the sales team on how the product works and the benefits of using it. A good product animation video gives the freedom to break out from the traditional learning experiences to engaging animated e-learning. The short duration of the animated learning can ensure that the learner can recollect the learning topic for long. It also benefits the organisation when they want to include or explain the features or functions of a product that is invisible to the naked eye. This is especially useful in the medical and healthcare industry.

These are five popular benefits of using e-learning animations for sales training. Feel free to share your suggestions and recommendations below