Corporate induction training is essential for new employees. Various studies have shown that induction training directly affects employee attrition rate. It is a well-known fact that most of the new employees decide to stay or quit an organization in the first week itself. Employee training is very important for the organization, and delivering an effective induction training program to new employees should be its first priority. The main purpose of induction training is to make the new employees comfortable into the company and make them understand the systems and procedures followed by the organization details. Induction training helps new employees in settling down quickly in the new work environment and gives them a sense of belonging.

What is E-Induction?

It is a type of induction wherein the induction modules are available online for the learners which can be accessed at any time, anywhere. There is no need to wait till you have a  fixed number of new joiners to make it worth or even when there are no mentors available to run the session, it can be accessed by learners on their own.
Let us now look at few benefits of e-induction and how it is better than the traditional classroom approach.

5 Benefits of E-Induction for an Organization:

Provides flexibility to the learners to set their own time for learning: Digital revolution has triggered a huge changes in the way we approach our learning. With availability of different medium such as online sessions, smart phones etc. learning at our convenience has become even more easier, with such flexibility and game assessments it becomes easier for the learners to connect with the subject matter more effectively unlike the traditional approach wherein the patterns are fixed.

Cost Effective: Since it is a one-time cost module it helps in saving your business time and money in the long term, and as a well-developed E-induction program it can be easily replicated for each new employee joined and making the necessary changes when required.

Helps in Increasing Productivity of the organization: Employees from the very beginning learns the right way of doing things rather than taking decisions based on their assumptions and with the learning being so interesting and convenient it helps the company to establish a professional impression of the business, including the code of conduct which helps in increasing their productivity further.

Provides detailed tracking and reporting information: It helps the organizations in keeping a track of the progress level that the employees show at the time of his learning.

Quick in adapting to changes: When compared to traditional training module, E-learning takes much lesser time and cuts down the learning time by at least 25 to 60 percent as per the research. E-learning does not have a fixed day or time for attending the session which allows the learners to set their own pace and time rather than following the pace of a group and gives the liberty of focusing on the programme they need to learn and skip the ones they already know.

As discussed in the points above, E-induction offers many business benefits including time, money, and flexibility. So, why not consider one for your organization?