From the year 2010, use of gamification in e-learning has started gaining more popularity and acceptance. A simple Google search can show a number of success stories of companies, which implemented the concept of gamification in their training programs and have achieved their  learning objectives far better than a traditional e-learning.

Gamification explained in a simple way is the application of game-like elements and design in non-gaming contexts.

Here let’s take a look at 5 of these very important benefits of gamification in the world of e-learning or online learning

1.The Element of Freedom and Self paced learning

Comparing with the traditional classroom training of corporate programs, gamification is able to give the learner the choice of choosing their own time to take up the learning course or modules. With the technological advancements, learners are even able to access the modules from anywhere through the mobile devices and connectivity options.

 2.Ensure the learners’ attention and engagement to the module.

’The session was on a very informative topic but I don’t think I can recollect the many important points discussed as the session was a bit stretched and long’.
This is a very common dialogue between the participants after attending a corporate training program as the participants or otherwise called as learners can’t ensure attention to the topic.
Gamification aims to use game elements and game mechanics to make learning fun and engaging. The game design flow with a story, theme, and narration can surely grab the learners attention and learning become at will.

3.Knowledge retention and recall

As discussed in the previous point gamification aims to make learning fun and the learner is able to better retain the knowledge as there is a positive learning environment created

4.Instant Feedback is shared with the learner.

Gamification ensures that the learner gets proper instant feedback, unlike traditional classroom training programs or the eLearning modules which reserve the feedback till the end.Proper feedback helps the learner to exactly understand where he went wrong if any and what is expected of him.As the gamified eLearning happens in a simulated and controlled environment the feedback mechanism gives the learner the opportunity to learn from mistakes too.

5. Application across various departments

Gamification of corporate eLearning is not limited to any particular sector or departments as it can be used for wider corporate training topics. Previously gamification was mostly used for topics such as increasing the sales volume of the product or services.But presently gamification is being used for a wider variety of topics including induction and onboarding of the employees etc.