Microlearning is a powerful medium of delivering bite size content to the learners on demand, just in time, on the go etc.
Microlearning can be in various forms/formats like:

  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Games
  • Infographics

Infographics in microlearning can be a very interesting combination as they are a way to represent large bites of information in a graphical format, thus helping the learners understand the content quickly (that’s what the purpose of microlearning is).

In this blog let us see the quick tips to use Infographics in Microlearning :

1. Illustrating Statistics :

Data is an important element for understanding many concepts and also notoriously difficult to visualize. Learner feels cognitive overload when he reads a large block of numbers and trying to determine how they correlate. By using infographics you can illustrate complicated statistics by creates a visual representation, making data easier to digest and helps to retain the key points of the statistics.

2. A picture is worth a thousand words :

We all know a Picture will convey more information to the user than a thousand words put together. An infographic will allow you to present direct comparisons and representations of the concept’s you’re attempting to convey without complexing your information. You can also include visual elements such as charts, graphs, icons and images to make your concept more clear.

3. Reducing Mental Gymnastics :

“Don’t open the lid without permission. Open the lid when it’s cool. Don’t open the lid when the liquid is still boiling. Open the lid when it is disconnected from the main source.”
You have no idea what you just read that’s because it’s very difficult to connect. You can see these representations of Do’s and Don’ts by using an infographic which helps to tell the whole story and reducing information overload.

4. Simplifying a process :

You can simplify a complex process and explain the facts and figures with a visual effect by infographics. Your learners will understand the concept of start to completion while being able to see with their own eyes on how a transformation is transpiring.

Though infographics are great tools, it won’t be effective if they are not designed correctly. The main purpose is to simplify the content and one should not use too much infographic in order to decorate the content.