360-degrees videos create an immersive and unparalleled experience for the viewers by combining the real world scenes into a 360 degrees camera. Know more about what are 360-degrees videos, in another of my blogs.

Facebook has launched a new feature, where users could go live with 360-degrees viewing experience allowing them to easily access and immerse themselves in a virtual video experience. On similar lines, YouTube has introduced 360-degrees video streaming to capture the entire real environment. Users can engage themselves with the video by simply moving the device (if equipped) or move the cursor to left, right, up and down or any other direction to feel the environment.

So are you wondering what has all this got to do with the world of learning or e-learning to be precise? Well, this is one of the top trends, which is catching up and you may go through one of my other blogs to understand its application in e-learning.

As e-learning designers and developers, we are always looking for inspirations and here is a curated list of seven creative 360-degrees videos from where you can draw your next design inspiration from.

1. Oreo

Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENau7AkayN8

As we all know, Oreo is a universally loved biscuit and in order to engage with the consumers, they created a new 360 degrees video to give a chance to go behind the scenes on a magical journey of how Oreo filled cupcakes or flavoured oreos are made. In this video, you can feel that you are inside a “Wonder Vault” which is a fantasy factory created by Oreo and it combines the visuals of chocolate factory with Candyland’s bright landscapes. It’s a beautiful video which captures the audience attention from children to adults.

What we loved:

  • Brilliant animated design of each oreo biscuit opening up to give you a sneak peek inside the world of oreo and the way the cupcake opens up in the end to take you inside the wonder vault.
  • Fun way to learn , the making of flavoured oreos.

2. Samsung VR Gear Launch

Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ7umpIdSko

Samsung launched their new product “VR Gear” with a unique strategy. They created a 360 degrees video that puts the audience in the shoes of the snowboarder. Here the viewers feel, like they are surfing with the professional snowboarders and with Point Of View of action, it creates an immersive experience with awesome music. You can also replay the video to get a new angle with a different snowboarder to enjoy the other part of the scenery.

What we loved:

  • Thrilling video which ups the action quotient and can drive the viewers to get into high adrenaline sports like snowboarding etc.
  • Such kind of videos are a wonderful example of how to teach learners to pick up a psychomotor skill like snowboarding.

3. Hyundai

Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wejudar2yP4

Here in this video Hyundai brilliantly showcases the entire product walkthrough of its new car and here with the help of 360 degrees shooting. The viewer can completely experience the features and feel of the car as if he is in the car showroom. Even the video has the voice narration explaining the various features of the car.

What we loved:

  • Awesome example of how you can design a product training video.
  • Detailed representation of the car and narration helps us to know the features well virtually.

4. Tomorrowland

Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j81DDY4nvos

Tomorrowland, being one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world created a 360-degrees video and helped to promote the event in a better way. Instead of showing pics or videos it created a 360-degrees immersive video experience which showcased the exact look and feel of the event thus helped in capturing the audience attention.

What we loved:

  • Vibrant musical journey.
  • We can visualize ourselves in the Tomorrowland when we watch it with a headset and headphone.

5. Expedia

Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcaT_wRwmuw

Expedia, one of the biggest travel websites helped the audience to connect into the world of adventure with the help of 360-degrees video. At the beginning of the video only it captures the audience attention by saying, “How far would you go for the things you love?” and the voice blends with the beauty of video which captures the landscapes of Australia. With 360 camera view, you can get different perspectives of mountaintops, deserts and ocean dives.

What we loved :

  • Brilliant visuals to capture the attention of the viewers.
  • Good example of how to design videos, which can instantly have an emotional connect with your audience for creating a memory of lifetime.

6. CAT

Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWI3-p1WYwk

Here is another fantastic example of CAT using 360-degrees video for store walkthrough. In this video, you can see a store staff narrating the features of CAT products and the user can turn around and feel like as if he is in the real store and with the help of hotspots and interactive elements even you can hyperlink those elements and guide the user for the point of sale.

What we loved :

  • Gives a feeling of being in the real store and listening to the staff so serves the purpose of immersive experience very well.
  • Another great example of how you can use 360-degrees videos to create a training centred around a product or a training on how to handle customers for your retail workforce.

7. International Space Station (ISS)

Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9u297hArbI

Most of us dream of going to space and experience the view of the earth, stars and other planetary objects in the space. The International Space Station (ISS) has created a 360-degrees video which will showcase the spacewalk and experience the complete journey of the space travel. The video is short in the outer space and provides in-depth insight about space.

What we loved:

  • Beautiful space exploration you could literally feel the stars and the earth and hence the video delivers bang on the target.
  • Another good example of how training videos can be designed with the subject matter content in focus.

These were some awesome examples of 360-degrees videos and how they are being used by the marketers to position the brands and provide a real life like experience to the consumers. So what do you think of them as e-learning designers. Does any of them inspire you? We would love to hear your views.