With e-learning games continuing to impress the learning and development fraternity there is an increasing demand for them in various corporate training requirements. What was once considered to be a costly development option has now become less expensive and less time to consume. Thanks to the latest rapid authoring tools and the easy availability of e-learning game templates, the designing and developing of e-learning games have become a lot easier thus contributing to the increase in their demand.

Hence in this blog, let’s take a quick journey to view some very popular e-learning game templates that are available in the market for easy downloads/ purchase. These game templates allow for further customization to include specific graphics, multimedia objects etc to suit the various corporate training requirements, which makes them the dearest and dependable partner for anybody choosing to include them.

1.Googly Cricket

Cricket is a very popular sport, we at XLPro e-learning have a  game template developed on the theme of Cricket called as Googly CricketIt continues to be one of the most popular e-learning game templates among a wider corporate audience across the industries.

This e-learning game template can easily replace traditional assessments and provide the learners with an engaging and interactive form of e-learning assessments. The game is the best bet for achievers(player type from Bartle Taxonomy). The game is played in a single over where the learner has to score maximum runs to lead the leaderboard. The learner needs to be smart and answer the questions to score the maximum runs.

The available scoring options are 1,  4 and 6. If your players are having a larger trait of achiever game type in them, they will like to score maximum runs to defeat the peer learners and lead the leaderboard.

What I liked ?

1.The wise use of multimedia and gameplay. Open up the game and the audio captures the effect of a packed stadium atmosphere. This can bring a smile to the learners, who will be thrilled and interested to enjoy the learning. In simple words, the game has got everything to hook the learners right from the beginning of the game.

2.Immediate feedback that is essential for every e-learning game are very perfectly designed in the Googly Cricket. The learner can click on the instruction button to understand how to play the game. The player is also informed about the correct and wrong answer immediately after attempting each question in the quiz.

3. The game template also includes the timer option that is able to create urgency among the learner to finish the task on time.

2.Nine Pins

The popular e-learning game template Nine pins take inspiration from the popular game Bowling.  The customisable e-learning game template starts with an introduction screen where the learner is informed that he is challenged by his friend in a bowling game.
This popular e-learning game template put forward a set of questions for the learner to answer and every correct answer allows you to score the points whereas a wrong answer can miss the target.
The game is a right fit for game players like achievers and can be customized to include the traits of killers too. For example, allow the learners to play the game live simultaneously and include a  live leaderboard. This can create competition among the learners and can be popular among the trait of killers.

What I Liked ?

1. The relevant multimedia used here again can amaze the learners in terms of the background and character used etc as the learners are able to relate it easily.

2. The game never fails to give appropriate feedback to the learners.

3. The game also includes a countdown timer function which stops when the learner clicks on an available answer. Every time I play the set of questions, apart from scoring the points, I  try to reduce the time to answer the questions.

4.Spot the Jargon

If your learning topic includes several jargons or technical worlds etc, I invite you to take a look at this very popular e-learning game template developed at XLPro e-learning . We have used the game template in several e-learning product training for many reputed clients of ours especially in the insurance, healthcare and FMCG industries.
The e-learning game template takes the inspiration from the crossword puzzle that we all enjoy to play. You can customise the game template to suit your requirements

What I Liked ?

1. The minimal multimedia used here makes the e-learning game template interesting and not confusing. More of the screen space is filled with the puzzle to attract the focus of the learner.

2. The use of the countdown timer helps in holding learner attention.

4.Wheel of Fortune

I love this game template as there is an element of random luck involved in it. The e-learning game template allows the learner to click on the spin button and the magic wheel thus starts spinning. The needle of the spinning wheel eventually stops on a random game point every time and the learner subsequently need to answer the questions correctly to achieve it.  

What I Liked?

1. The thought of a  spinning wheel is little fancy and that is exactly captured in the multimedia design style used here. Rich and vibrant color combinations are effectively used to capture the attention of the learners.

2. Like the other previous game templates, the game includes the right feedback mechanism

3. For every correct answer, the game rewards the learner with the game points which is displayed in on the game itself.

For more information on various types of e-learning game templates, please visit our portfolio page.

5.Information Security

The increasing cyber threat and need for information security training in the corporate world has made this a super popular e-learning game template-
Information security developed at XLPro e-learning is the right fit for explorer player type (according to the Bartle Taxonomy). The game includes the different levels that allow the explorers to use the game for discovery.

What I liked ?

1.The perfect use of multimedia graphics and contents where the learners are able to relate it to the learning topic easily.

2. The game progresses through different challenges and different scenarios.

3.Highly engaging and interactive e-learning game template. For example, the first challenge requires you to spot the differences and there are tools like the magnifying glass that kicks in the explorer in you.

4.T he e-learning game template gives instant feedback to the learner with a detailed explanation that contributes to educating the learner.

6.Zap The Alien

Zap -The Alien -This popular e-learning game type allows the learners to shoot down the invading alien spaceships by answering the questions correctly thus motivating the key traits of the killer game player type from the Bartle Taxonomy.
The learner is also rewarded with points and there are the other game elements like leaderboards. By implementing leaderboard and other elements to induce the competition, the popular e-learning game template -Zap the Alien allows the killer game players type to enjoy being the winner and defeating others.

What I liked?

1. The gameplay has an interesting style to engage the audience, Shooting down of spaceships with the gun and there is the right inclusion of multimedia contents

2. The game includes instant feedback.

3. For every correct answer, the game rewards the learner with the game points which is displayed in on the game itself.

4. Apart from the countdown timer, the game template also includes a count for spaceship’s left, that tracks the spaceships remaining to be shot down.

7.Car Racing

Create an adrenaline rush with this popular e-learning game template from XLPro e-learning
The game template takes inspiration from the popular F1 car race. This game type can be very effectively used to match the style of achievers from the Bartle’s taxonomy.

This e-learning game challenges the learners to play and win the Formula One Car Race, where the learner assumes the role of a Formula One Car Race champion and has to reach the number one spot by leaving other motorists behind. The game is designed in a manner, where the learner can see through the car dashboard at the other motorists ahead of him. The game also includes a timer and a leaderboard. With every correct answer, the learner moves a spot ahead.

What I Liked

The game template includes several other game elements like Response rate, Score, Current position, Timer remaining. These elements are appropriately placed on the gameplay

2. The game template also includes a progress bar that is in a unique form of the race track map. It shows the current position of the learner.

3. The multimedia content used in the game is amazing and helps the learner to relate to the game objective.

4. The game template brings the negative points on the table as for every wrong answer the learner loses the point and two simultaneous wrong answers can crash the car of the learner.

8.Secret Mission

Another popular e-learning game template developed here at XLPro e-learning, The game rightly suits the socializers game type(according to the Bartle’s Taxonomy) by tweaking and including a simple chat option in the e-learning game.
The e-learning game puts the learner on a secret mission and it requires the learner to answer the set of questions. A correct answer rewards the learner with game points and the target will be destroyed by the fighter jet. Whereas a wrong answer can reduce your hard earned game points  

What I Liked ?

1. The e-learning game template includes the effective use of multimedia contents and simulates the open world games allowing the players to explore and socialise with peer learners. 

The e-learning game template also allows the customisation and personalisation as the learner can enter his/her name. This helps in building the ownership of the learning process.


GUSTAV’s TRIP is still a widely popular e-learning game template. The game includes a  storyline of a guy getting ready for a camping trip(Hiking) and he needs 4 more essential things to start his hike. The module allows to include several questions and answering the questions correctly can earn rewards which are the form of very important elements that you require to start the trip.

What I liked ?

1.The amazing use of multimedia graphics and content. The design is very minimalistic and includes only the most required element of graphics and multimedia content.

2. The game template ensures that learners receive immediate  feedback

3. The game theme is very light and can be used on a variety of learning topics.

4. The game doesn’t forget to reward the learners as every correct answer rewards the learner with the required item to start the trek.

5. The use of the character and his expressions are well designed. The start screen shows the character waving at you and saying a hello. Lose the game and you can see a disappointed Gustav (character) as he cannot start his trekking.  


A simple but very engaging e-learning game designed on Articulate Storyline 3. The e-learning game can be included for quick assessments. Answering the questions correctly rewards the learners with virtual cash.

What I liked ?

1. The game is highly customizable and the developer can change the color, images etc to suit his preference and requirement.

2. The game template allows changing the number of questions (up to 20)

3. Apart from the  regular MCQ’s the developers can also include true or false, multiple responses etc

11.Ice Cream

If you had ever felt sad playing stickman(As the stickman dies if you chose the wrong answer) , then I feel that there is a good choice here. The e-learning game template follows the same path where the learner is required to be wise in choosing the letters to frame the correct answer as a  wrong answer can cause the ice cream to meltdown

What I liked?

1. A good choice or inclusion of only the minimum needed multimedia elements, graphics etc

2. The game template is sure to make the learner think and answer accordingly. Guessing the letters are too costly as a single wrong answer can melt the ice cream part by part.

3. The game template is customised by changing the graphics thus enabling the developer to use his idea too.

12.Beat the Banker

Beat the banker game template has been widely used and is developed on the theme of a very popular TV show. The game allows the learner to choose the case where there is a jackpot amount hidden inside. The learner gets the option to eliminate various suitcase by answering the questions correctly.

What I Liked ?

1. The banker is the lead character in the game to bring the level of engagement and interactivity to a higher level.

2. The gameplay is very interesting and engaging as it builds up the momentum

3. Like the previously mentioned game templates, beat the banker allows to bring extensive customisation options on the table.

13.Alpine Skiing: Storyline Game

If your target learners love sports and adventure, Alpine Skiing is an e-learning game for them. The objective of the e-learning game template is to skiing from summit to base. Each answer gets you one checkpoint closer to the end. A correct answer will highlight the checkpoint in green, while incorrect answers get highlighted in red.

What I Liked ?

1. I Loved the adrenaline pumping theme of Alpine Skiing.

2. The developer can change the number of question and customise the multimedia content to suit the objectives of the learning

14.Travel the World

Travel the world Storyline e-learning game template allows the learners to travel around the world, learn some new interesting facts and at the end, you earn a badge as a reward. The game is played on the simple rules -as more you answer the questions correctly the chances of earning a higher level virtual badge is more.

What I Liked?

1. The character used in the game template again stole my first best impression.

2. The  e-learning game uses only minimal multimedia animations and graphics

3. The game template  is customizable and the developer can include his own set of questions

These are some of the most popular e-learning game templates and If you have an idea and are looking to develop an e-learning game from scratch, feel free to contact us anytime.

For more information on various types of e-learning game templates, please visit our portfolio page.