In case you missed the biggest launch of 2019, here it is for you……………. Adobe has released the much-awaited version of their authoring tool i.e Adobe Captivate 2019.

So what’s new?

With the 2019 release, Adobe Captivate turns smart!
We live in a world of smart devices like smartphone, smartwatch and even smart assistants like Google mini or Amazon echo etc that make our lives easier. Isn’t it the time for e-learning authoring tools to turn smart too?  It seems Adobe has pioneered in this direction by launching its Adobe Captivate 2019, which claims to be a complete and smart rapid authoring tool. So what is so SMART about Adobe Captivate 2019 and what are the other features it is promoting… Let’s quickly see what are the top eleven features of the new Adobe Captivate 2019.

1.Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is seen as one of the next big things in the world of technology that can raise the bar of engagement and interactivity in the domain of e-learning.
Adobe Captivate introduces 360-degree media support in the 2019 release to help the users deliver immersive learning experiences in Virtual Reality.As a developer, you can design learning scenarios that your learners can experience in Virtual Reality using VR headsets.
If you were waiting to try hands-on developing VR based e-learning modules, I can say that this version of Adobe Captivate is for you.

2.Interactive Videosa

We know that interactive videos are increasingly getting recognition, applause, and acceptance by various organisations across the world. With the new release of the Adobe Captivate 2019, you can bring life to your e-learning videos. The users can either develop these interactive videos from scratch or bring existing videos from Youtube etc. There is an option to pause the videos and add questions at specific points of your videos and enable knowledge checks to assess the learners.
To know more details on how is it done visit the link here

3.360-degree Learning Experience

Did you not wish to include 3360-degreeimages or visuals etc on your e-learning module? If then the Adobe Captivate easily enables you to include 360 degree images and videos and convert them into interactive eLearning material. So get ready to surprise your learners by providing them with an amazing 360-degree learning experience
I am hoping to see some amazing scenario and simulation-based e-learning modules using this functionality.
To know more details on how is it done visit the link here

4.Live Device Preview

How will the module play on the various devices? If this question bothered you in the past, then you have something to cheer as the Captivate 2019 allows the live preview of the module as seen on the VR & mobile devices of the learners.
The live preview feature in Adobe Captivate can generate a QR code that the user can scan using a mobile device and mirror the project real-time on the device browser. Isn’t it so simple?
To know more details on how is it done visit the link here

5.Smart Video Recording

What is that???

It’s an innovative feature in the latest release to create quality HD videos as you simultaneously record your webcam and on-screen content with just a few clicks.
To know more details on how is it done visit the link here

6.Automatic Chroma Key Effects

Ever wished to transform your videos by making their backgrounds transparent and replace them in just a few clicks. The latest version of Captivate 2019 allows the users to do it. The tool intelligently allows the users to bring the chroma key effects with just a few mouse clicks.
To know more details on how is it done  visit the link here

7.Responsive E-learning with Fluid boxes 2.0

Today, the learning is no more constrained to a desktop or laptop. The market is flooded with various mobile devices with different screen sizes i.e from smartphones to tablets, iPads etc and hence you need to develop the courses that fit the various screen sizes and ensure a smooth learning experience for the learners.
Adobe Captivate easily helps the developers to make responsive e-learning course as the new release supports fully enhanced fluid Boxes to automatically author fully responsive e-learning content.
It also allows the easy conversion of traditional or legacy e-learning developed for the desktops or laptops to responsive modules that can seamlessly play across any device.
To know more details on how is it done  visit the link here

8.PowerPoint to M-learning

Import your Power Point module into Captivate 2019 and easily convert your PowerPoint slides to interactive e-learning without any programming or coding knowledge and without much hassles. Bring the element of engagement and interactivity by including quizzes, questions, text blurbs and more.
To know more details on how is it done visit the link here

9.Advanced E-Learning

Adobe Captivate 2019 will help the developers to build complex and advanced e-learning scenarios and simulations. The developers can record software simulations and HD videos and even on-screen activities with Adobe Captivate 2019.

10.Enhanced Accessibility Support

Adobe Captivate 2019 can easily create simulations and demonstrations that address accessibility standards, such as Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0). The tool announces enhanced accessibility support from the previous versions.

11. CSV Question Template

Adobe Captivate 2019 helps the learners to further cut short the time involved in the production process through the use of csv question import template. It helps you to automatically create question slides in your Adobe Captivate Project.
The developers can also import question banks that support the same format from other authoring tools with just a few clicks.
To know more details on how is it done visit the link here

This was a quick summary of the top 11 features of Adobe Captivate 2019. Continue watching this space for more updates on the features and the ease of their usage as we experience it and start working with it.